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GE's Waukesha* APG* Gas Gensets
GE's Waukesha* APG* Gas Gensets

Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy, the APG1000 rated at 1000 kWe at 50 Hz (1500 rpm) and 1100 kWe at 60 Hz (1800 rpm) offers 42.1% electrical efficiency and 89.4% total efficiency as a CHP package, to help get more power from less fuel.

Features & Benefits
  • High electrical efficiency maximizes return on investment.
  • Two NOx emission settings for 50 Hz and 60 Hz allows for application flexibility
  • Compact and portable genset solution supports containerization
  • Biogas fuel system optimized to handle changing fuel quality
  • First introduced in 2006, the APG1000 delivers flexible solutions for todays stationary, gas engine-driven power generation systems. Engineered for a variety of applications including CHP and biogas, the APG1000 engines are designed for maximum efficiency, low emissions and reduced operating costs.
Bore (mm)
Stroke (mm)
cylinder (lit)
Speed (rpm)
Mean piston speed (m/s)
Scope of supply
Applicable gas types
Engine type
No. of cylinders Total displacement (lit)
V 60
1,500 (50 Hz), 1,800 (60 Hz)
8.26 (1,500 rpm), 9.9 (1,800 rpm)
Bare engine, Enginator, Enginator with CHP
Natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas
16V150LTD (APG1000)
16 48
  • Waukeshas APG1000 offers Miller Cycle combustion technology for increased efficiency; improved air cleaner design for easier packaging; efficient intercooler design for small package footprint and high efficiency generator with low electrical losses providing a higher return on investment.
On-site Capabilities Fuel Flexibility:


  • Waukeshas APG operating in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application features a two-stage intercooler design that maximizes heat recovery, lowering overall energy costs.


  • Because of its flexible design and ESM controls interface, the APG1000 is very tolerant of fuel changes and is capable of operating on fuel from 400 to 650 Btu with little or no manual recalibration or adjustment during Btu variation.
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