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GE Jenbacher Type 6
GEs Jenbacher Type 6 Gas Gensets

The result of continuous enhancements and extensive experience, GEs Jenbacher type 6 gas engines are an advanced and reliable addition to our product line. Serving the 1.5 to 4 MW power range, the 1,500-rpm engine speed results in a high power density and low installation costs. In addition, the type 6 pre-combustion chamber achieves maximum efficiency with low emissions. Proven design and optimized components enable a service life of 60,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul.

Features & Benefits
  • Offers highest efficiency in its power class.
  • High-tech components maximize reliability.
  • LEANOX ©lean burn control ensures minimal emissions.
  • Modern engine concept increases service-friendliness.
  • High-power turbocharger allows optimal operation at higher air intake temperature and altitude.

Optimized components and a proven control and monitoring concept give GEs Jenbacher type 2 gas engine outstanding reliability.

Technical Specifications
Configuration V 60
Bore (mm) 190
Stroke (mm) 220
Displacement/cylinder (lit.) 6.24
Speed (rpm) 1,500 (50 Hz)
1,500 with gearbox (60 Hz)
Mean piston speed (in/s) 11 (1,500 rpm)
Scope of supply Generator set, cogeneration system, containerized package
Applicable gas types Natural gas, flare gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, coal mine gas. Special gases (e.g., coke, wood, and pyrolysis gases)
Engine type J612 GS, J616 GS, J620 GS, J624 GS
Number of cylinders 12, 16, 20, 24
Total displacement (lit.) 74.9, 99.8, 124.8, 149.7
Based on a pre-chamber ignition system, air/fuel mixture charging, and a four-valve cylinder head, the type 6 gas engines were designed to allow for continuous performance improvements over time.
  • The four-valve cylinder head, included in the centrally located purged pre-combustion chamber, minimizes charge-exchange losses, and offers highly efficient and stable combustion and optimal ignition conditions.
  • The ignition energy of the spark plug is amplified in the pre-combustion chamber, which enables the highest efficiency, lowest NOx emission values, and stable and reliable combustion.
  • The TecJet? gas dosing valve offers a high degree of electronic control and accuracy, rapid response time and adjustment of air/gas ratio, and a large adjustable calorific value range. The camshaft is equipped with Miller valve timing, which enables high efficiency through optimized ignition timing, reduces maximum compression temperature, and increases the safety margin to knocking limits.
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