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GE Jenbacher J624 GS
GEs Jenbacher J624 GS Gas Gensets

GEs Jenbacher J624 GS is the worlds first 24-cylinder gas engine for commercial operation. Introduced in 2008, the J624 is capable of delivering enough output to power 9,000 European households, representing a quantum leap in gas engine technology. The result of two years of development, this unique gas engine uses several fuel sources to protect the environment and adds another solution to GEs robust gas engine portfolio.

Features & Benefits
  • Capable of 4 MW electrical output
  • Offers lean burn control, and turbocharged mixture-cooling, minimizing emissions and evening out operating conditions
  • 24-cylinder gas engine achieves high power density at 1,500 rpm
  • Compact package design ensures minimal footprint and low installation cost
  • Vibration decoupling reduces knocking and maintenance
  • Low specific fuel consumption reduces operating costs
  • High heat recovery rate allows highest efficiency
Technical Specifications
Configuration V 60
Bore (mm) 190
Stroke (mm) 220
Displacement/cylinder (lit.) 6.24
Speed (rpm) 1,500 (50 Hz)
Mean piston speed (in/s) 11 (1,500 rpm)
Scope of supply Generator set, cogeneration system
Applicable gas types Natural gas, associated petroleum gas
No. of cylinders 24
Total displacement (lit) 149.7
Dimensions l x w x h (mm) * 12,100 x 2,200 x 2,600
Weights empty (kg) * 41,400
* Dimensions and weights are valid for generator set.
GEs Jenbacher J624 GS gas engine can be designed as a generator set, cogeneration system, or as a container.
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