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GE Jenbacher J920
GEs Jenbacher J920 Gas Gensets

Introducing the J920, an innovative leap forward in gas engine technology. GE proudly announces the J920 Jenbacher 9.5 MW system for large gas engine power generation plants. Whether youre seeking full power at high efficiency levels or a unit capable of short start-up times, GEs J920 gas engine is an ideal, reliable solution for your lasting power needs and grid stabilizing efforts.

Features & Benefits
  • Top in its class electrical efficiency level of 48.7%
  • High power density at low investment costs
  • Stable power output and efficiency at high ambient conditions
  • Quick start-up for grid stabilization
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Designed for ease maintainability
  • Full plant flexibility with any multiple-engine installation
  • Combined heat and power solution with 90% efficiency and more
Features & Benefits
Features GEs J920 FleXtra Jenbacher gas engine is designed for durability, simple installation, and maintainability. The engine consists of three modules, including a generator, engine, and turbocharger auxiliary module, providing a high quality, pre-fabricated, standardized generator-set module. Each module is factory-tested, then shipped separately and assembled onsite, offering reduced installation time. In addition, the modules have highly standardized interfaces that work well with balance of plant (BOP) systems, and ultimately simplify BOP installations and total plant erection time. To maximize plant availability, the J920 FleXtra is optimized for operation and maintainability in the following ways:
Power Unit
The power unit ensures low maintenance downtime C the J920 FleXtra power unit can be easily replaced without major disassembly of the engine.
Divided Camshaft
The J920 FleXtra is equipped with a segmented camshaft to allow exchange through a maintenance window at the top of the crankcase.
With the modular design, decoupling the units is a simple process C major engine parts stay in place and are easily accessible.
Based on GEs type 6 gas engine combustion system, the J920 FleXtra Jenbacher unit houses an advanced pre-chamber combustion system with spark ignition and optimal conditions for longer part life. In addition, the individual gas mixing achieved by port injection and cylinder-specic sensors allow each cylinder to operate at optimal performance. The J920 FleXtras mechanical structure is designed to allow high-peak ring pressure, achieving 48.7% effciency, the highest level of electrical effciency in its class.
2-stage turbocharging
Compared to single-stage turbocharging, GEs 2-stage turbocharging technology allows higher cooling water temperatures, making it an ideal fit for independent power production projects located in areas with hot ambient conditions. In particular, combined heat and power (CHP) applications benefit from using all mixture cooling heat at high temperatures. No deration at higher altitudes is another advantage.
Engine Management System
The J920 FleXtra is equipped with GEs well-proven comprehensive Jenbacher gas engine management system with a programmable logic unit, handling plant and engine controls as well as visualization. To allow for smooth plant operation, the system specifically supports adaptive condition-based controls, individual cylinder balancing, optimization and protection of core controls, and limp home mode. Designed as part of the entire module system, with all core competencies in-house, every function is developed with a holistic point of view.
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